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Sunrise, Sunset


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When I first experienced the British winter, the nights here were particularly long, which made me feel depressed and uncomfortable, and it was hard for me to do work. This experience made me want to explore the relationship between the change of weather and human's emotion. And then I found this kind of phenomenon is because of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


Sunrise, Sunset


Date:       20 February,  2019

Medium:  mirror, projector, acrylic panels

Introduction:  I explore the reason why will cause Seasonal Affective Disorder, I found this phenomenon was related to the time of sunlight exposure, "sunrise" and "sunset". Sunlight will influence human emotion by chronobiology.  My artwork combines the light and shadow of nature with synthetic products,creating a new warm space to express weather. I constructed the change of the sunlight to show the emotional ups and downs, and this artwork expresses a relationship between the natural environment and human mentality.

 This work starts from my personal experience. I felt very depressed during the winter in London and had no energy to live. I explored this phenomenon when I discovered my own psychological changes and discovered the existence of SAD. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)

What causes SAD?

The exact cause of SAD is not fully understood, but it is thought to be linked to reduced exposure to sunlight during the shorter days of the year.

Sunlight can affect some of the brain's chemicals and hormones. However, it is not clear what this effect is. One theory is that light stimulates a part of the brain called the hypothalamus which controls mood, appetite and sleep. These things can affect how you feel.

More information about SAD:


After discovering that SAD is caused by light, I observed the colour of sunlight at different times. Adjust the change of colour according to the change of sunlight. From light to darkness, and then from darkness to light.

This video is on the process of colour change ————

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Eliasson's work is usually about the weather.  I deeply understand the relationship between weather and people, how to create an interactive atmosphere, and the choice of materials. In O 'Callaghan's work, I focus on the technique of installation, how to reflect light through a mirror. I explore the materials of Judd's work. The acrylic panels create shadows through the light, allowing me to explore how to contract light and shadow.

Critic analysis of Olafur Eliasson


Images of my work 

No sunshine in winter

No sunshine in winter

Date:      1 December, 2019

Medium: Video, Projector installation

Introduction: This artwork is more focused on expressing the colour and power of the sunlight. I made a comparison between the sunless winter night and the sunny summer, through which the audiences could feel their own sensing. The sun and its surroundings have also been exaggerated, reinforcing the warm yellow feel of the sun.

About Emotion

What emotion is?   It seems an automatic bodily response.

How to make up our emotion   A perception 

                                                     An evaluation 

                                                     A bodily change and expression  heart-rate

                                                     A feeling   do a bad thing

                                                     A motivation to act 

                                                     Thinking and attending 


What is emotion ?how does emotion come into being? When I making works about emotion, I explored some theories of emotion, in which I had a deeper understanding of how individual emotion can be transformed into public emotion. Instead of directly expressing their emotions to the audience, the audience experiences their own feelings by work. Because for me, winter is depression, but some people like winter. In addition, creating a stronger contrast between bright and dark, cool and warm colours can stimulate more emotions.


Library of Light

This book has a really deeply thinking of light and suggests large artists of light. And the article compares different artists with the same material, giving the reader more contract thinking. After reading this book, I also understand the relationship between natural light and artificial light.

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All three artists' works are about the weather, and all choose light as the material to express the relationship between the weather and human. By comparing and combining natural light and artificial light, their works are very similar to the theme. By understanding their creative process and ideas, I am also deepening my understanding of my own work.

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sun in room

Sun in room

Date: April ,  2020

Medium:sunlight ,yellow paper,window

Introduction: Every day in May, the sun rises at about 4:30. I can be awakened by the yellow sunlight at about 5 o 'clock every day ,because the shade of the curtains in my room is very poor. This warm yellow tone of the sun, feel the energy of the day at the moment. This work attempts to construct a long moment of sunrise. The lighting time is about 17 hours in summer. Through this work, I will experience about 17 hours of sunrise and my home experience will become colourful.

Natural light illuminates the work and is transformed into a visual effect of artificial light. I focused on exploring how to create an interactive work with monochrome colors, allowing viewers to experience their own feelings.

About Chronobiology and SAD

Chronobiology deals with the study of biological rhythms, the most significant of which is the circadian rhythm, which is approximately of 24-hour duration, and which regulates or affects many physiological functions. A disruption of endogenous circadian rhythms caused by seasonal variations in the duration and intensity of natural daylight was first described by the psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal and colleagues in 1984. They coined the expression Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to include the disturbances, especially of mood, experienced by sufferers. Thirty years after that initial publication a Witness Seminar was held, at which psychiatrists, chronobiologists, endocrinologists and SAD sufferers discussed the definition, impact and acceptance of SAD as a diagnostic entity; the longer history of seasonal variation in mood, and relevant clinical and scientific work. Of particular note was the work of Professor Josephine Arendt, and her studies of light therapy and melatonin to “re-set” disturbed circadian rhythms.

The process of this work

sun in room.jpg

The link between Olafur Eliasson's work and Film Blade Runner 2049 is likely to be monochrome yellow Colour, which visually combines sunrise with daylight. So in this work, I also tried to use Monochrome yellow Colour to create a space associated with daylight.

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