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Bozhi Yang

My art practice concentrates the relationship between weather and emotion. Why people always feel depressive in dark winter and feel happy in warm Summer? During a very long and anxious winter in London last year. As inspiration, I began to explore how weather affects the emotion. 


First of all, what is emotion? Emotion is rooted in the human heart. People experience it daily but hard to describe what it is. Emotions bring negative and positive effects on people:depression, anxiety, happiness… 


Weather is also really close to ordinary life, people influenced on weather by chronobiology, psychology…Artist Olafur Eliasson, James Turrell, Doug Wheeler did some artworks to express what is the weather. It can be a huge topic which connects to the universe or can be a normal topic which relates to personal experience. I suffered Seasonal Affective Disorder, bases on my personal experience, my artworks are about revealing sunlight.


I try to create a light environment using artificial and natural light. Making an interactive atmosphere to invite audiences, they can feel their own sensing whether negative or positive response. The materials of my artworks mainly are light, from brightness to darkness, warm colour to cold colour. 


My practice bases on my sense, and I should consider increasing high emotional engagement to make narrative artwork. Using methodology to deeply explore the relationship between the individual and the external.


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